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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd (SPH)

Operable Partitions & Moveable Walls

With Specialty Product Hardware, you can perfect the overall impression of your room architecture. Operable Partitions & Moveable Accordion Walls offer you profiles, fittings, and locking systems designed to complement each other, with framed or frameless options for a uniform look.

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When it comes to space, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. At Specialty Product Hardware, our talented team of product experts and sales staff will provide their expertise and work collaboratively to deliver the best quality product for your specific needs. No challenge is too big or too small – we’re always eager and willing to understand the specific requirements for your project to deliver exactly what is needed.

At Specialty Product Hardware, we exist to shape the experience that people have within a built environment—we’re in the business of space management. SPH Canada is proud to offer the widest range of glass, operable, vertical lift and accordion partitions, our products are the most installed brand of partitions in the world.

Our Operable Partition Systems are Perfect for:

Specialty Product Hardware’s Commercial Glass Partitions are well-known in the Canadian industry for their excellent design and high quality product engineering, providing years of protection for commercial, institutional and industrial businesses across Ontario. 

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Commercial Operable Wall Systems for Institutions

Operable Partitions

SPH Operable Walls, movable walls, operable glass walls or folding panels — are recognized Canada-wide for their unparalleled quality, design flexibility, acoustic performance and lasting durability. Our available Operable Walls are constructed of welded, heavy-duty 16-gauge steel and can be designed with the industry’s most complete range of dimensions, performance options, electric drive, control and safety options, and decorative finishes.

Specialty Product Hardware’s architectural wall solutions are known for their excellent design and high quality construction, providing endless configurations and layouts for  schools, recreational facilities and offices – alike!



Kwik Wall Partitions

Looking to get a Quote on your Project?

Our Operable Partition Experts are here to find the perfect Partition for your project – Let us know how we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are Operable Partitions or Folding Panel Partitions?

An "operable partition" or "folding panel" is a set of two or more big panels suspended on a ceiling track and occasionally additionally supported by a floor track that may be used to block off a room or split it into two rooms. They may be opened (retracted) by sliding the panels to one end, allowing them to stack when folded up for storage. When completely stretched, the panels form a solid divider (deployed). Depending on the product, manual, electric, or both modes of operation may be available.

What is the difference between Operable and Demountable Partitions?

When the need arises, operable walls with folding or stacking panels allow you to change distinct closed sections into a huge open space. When utilised in closed designs, these solid or glass panels typically ride on an overhead rail and may feature pass-thru doors. Glass office fronts, often known as demountable walls, are fixed glass panels with a swing or sliding door. As the name suggests, they are inserted and uninstalled with little or no influence on the available space.
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