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Acoustic Wall Panels & Sound-Absorbing Wall Systems

Our team has carefully crafted a line of premium acoustic panel products that add a personal touch to any space while also providing sound dampening benefits. Do you need expert advice? Our Acoustic Panel Experts are here to find the right option for your space.

Not sure where to start when it comes to commercial acoustic wall panels?

For use in movie theatres, listening rooms, quiet rooms, boardrooms, offices, gymnasiums, schools, call centres, community centres, worship centres, home or professional recording studios, and any other area where acoustics are a concern. Our commercial acoustic wall panel systems panels increase the sound in a space so that you can clearly hear conversation and music without unpleasant echoes or loss of clarity.

Frasch-Brik-Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustical Wall
Toronto Acoustic Wall Panels
Open Ceiling & Wall Hangers
Toronto - GEAR Wall - Specialty Product Hardware
Versatile Acoustical Tiles
3D HEX Wall Tiles - Toronto
Adaptable Acoustical Tiles
Toronto HEX - Acoustic Wall Panels
Versatile Acoustical Panels
DIAMOND Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Art Tiles
Triangle - Acoustic Wall Panels - SPH Canada
Precise PET Felt Angles
PLANK - Acoustic Wall Panel Designs
Acoustical Wall Panels
Linear Wood Slat Wall Panels
Acoustic Panels w/ Wood Slats
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