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Acoustical Products

Reduce unwanted noise reverberation and enjoy better sound quality throughtout your commercial space. Sound-absorbing acoustic panels can make noisy rooms more comfortable, appealing and increase productivity

Complete Solutions for Sound Regulation in Commercial Spaces

Acoustic Panels, Lighting Fixtures or Sound-Absorbing Panels are the most common solution for spaces where sound and echos create so much ambient noise that hearing is difficult. Acoustical panels, by absorbing sound, reduce sound reflections and create a more comfortable acoustic environment in which speech is intelligible and loudness is reduced.

Acoustical Panels - Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustical Panels - Acoustic Wall Panels - Specialty Product Hardware

Why use Commercial Acoustical Panels?

Looking for Clean & Simple Office or Commercial Acoustic Product Designs?

Specialty Product Hardware Ltd (SPH) provides a complete line of Acoustical Ceiling Panels, Acoustic Wall Panels, Ceiling Baffles, Lighting Fixtures and more! Make a statement with a full-room installation, or create an accent area with a variety of shapes, colours, and textures. Choose wall panels, ceiling panels, blades, and baffles to improve design and acoustic performance throughout your commercial space or office. 

Acoustic Properties

High-end absorption with outstanding acoustic properties. Speech intelligibility is critical in restaurants, movie theatres, and other high-volume settings. It reduces echo and reverberation.

Minimalist design

Made from high-quality acoustical fabric and sound-absorbing materials. Available in a wide range of eye-catching colours, shapes, and sizes.  Using our collection of visually appealing wall and ceiling treatments, you can completely personalize your walls.

Perfect for a Wide-range of Environments

Why Specialty Product Hardware?

Masterful Acoustics for Vibrant Environments

At Specialty Product Hardware Ltd., we collaborate directly with architects and interior designers to create beautiful acoustical products that provide their clients with peace and comfort. Whether you are looking for cost-effective commercial acoustic solutions or high-end acoustical treatments, we can help you specify the best options for your project and then facilitate supply and successfulinstallation

We help businesses create better listening environments.

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Our Commercial Acoustical Product Solutions

Better Regulate Sound with Acoustical Panels & Ceiling Baffles

Do you want to improve the overall sound performance of your room? The primary function of acoustic panels is to eliminate residual sound in any commercial space. Acoustic panels, when properly installed in a room, can absorb or diffuse sound from the first point of reflection. Specialty Product Hardware provides a comprehensive range of soundproofing and acoustic solutions for offices, music studios, restaurant and commercial buildings, industrial premises, public spaces, and many other specialist areas, providing total noise control for any environment.

Acoustical Panels - Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustical Wall Panels
Acoustical Panels - Acoustic Wall Panels - Specialty Product Hardware
Acoustic Ceiling Panels
Acoustical Lighting Fixtures - Specialty Product Hardware
Acoustic Lighting Fixtures

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