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Acoustic Lighting Fixtures & Suspended Light Systems

Our team have created a collection of quality acoustical lighting fixtures that lend a personal touch to any area while also offering sound absorption. Do you require professional assistance? Our acoustic lighting specialists can help you choose the best choice for your location.

When it comes to commercial acoustic lighting fixtures, don't know where to begin?

Use in daycares, meeting rooms, boardrooms, offices, gymnasiums, schools, call centres, community centres, worship centres, home or professional recording studios, and any other location where acoustics are an issue. Our commercial acoustic lighting systems panels boost sound levels in a room, allowing you to hear conversations and music without echoes or a loss of clarity.

Frasch Acoustic Lighting Systems - BELL
Acoustical Lighting Solution
Frasch - BEND LIGHT - Specialty Product Hardware
Acoustical Light Fixture
Frasch - Acoustic Lighting Fixture in Toronto Office
Acoustical Ceiling Lights
Acoustical Lighting Fixtures in Mississauga Office Building - FRASCH
Modular Acoustical Light
HARMONY GLOW - Specialty Product Hardware - Acoustic Lighting Specialists
Suspended Acoustic Lighting
Canadian Acoustic Systems
Suspended Acoustic Lighting
Frasch Cloud - SQUARE - Acoustic Ceiling System
Suspended Acoustic Lighting
WAFL BAFL - Specialty Product Hardware
Suspended Acoustic Lighting
TIMBER - Frasch! - Suspended Acoustic System
Suspended Acoustic Lighting
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