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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd (SPH)

Commercial Hollow
Metal Doors & Frames

The commercial hollow metal door, or interior steel door, is the most common commercial metal door and can be a wide variety of applications such as commercial, institutional, hospitality and industrial buildings.  Specialty Product Hardware provides doors that are designed to satisfy your requirements for durability, security, aesthetics or fire safety and protection.

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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd (SPH) provides a complete line of Standard and Specialty Commercial Hollow Metal Doors for new and existing building construction projects in the commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Commercial Hollow Metal Doors are made from reinforced steel sheets and is filled with insulation materials such kraft honeycomb, polyurethane, and polystyrene. Standard Hollow Metal Doors are typically 1-3/4″ are supplied prime-coated to be installed or painted to suit your space. Commercial Hollow Metal Doors are known for their superior strength and durability compared to alternate materials. Commercial Metal Doors are also more sanitary, are incredibly easy to maintain and can withstand more abuse / wear than traditional wood or aluminum doors. Choosing Commercial Hollow Metal Doors is a great choice with an incredible savings in terms of time, maintenance costs and cost of ownership.

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Specialty Product Hardware’s Hollow Metal Doors & Door Frames are well-known in the Canadian industry for their excellent design and high quality product engineering, providing years of protection for commercial, institutional and industrial businesses across Ontario. 

Commercial Fire-Rated Metal Doors

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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd (SPH)

The Benefits of Hollow Metal Doors

Standard and Fire-rated Hollow Metal Doors provide commercial, industrial and institutional business owners / managers with higher, more improved protection from dents, scratches and fire damage due to a higher quality construction.

Our 1-3/4″ Reinforced Steel sheets are assembled with top and bottom channels and tight, interlocking edges to provide the highest-rated level of durability, strength, and protection. With a Rust-inhibiting anti-corrosive primer applied at the manufacturing facility ensures your commercial door keeps its beautiful finish for longer, giving you a better long-term investment. 

Our Standard and Fire-rated Hollow Steel Doors offer an affordable alternative to the competition which have been exclusively engineered to meet and exceed your project requirements, and are designed to satisfy your requirements for appearance, durability, cost-efficiency, security and fire protection. 

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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd. (SPH)

Commercial Hollow-Metal Steel Door Styles

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