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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd (SPH)

Commercial & Retail
Security Grilles

With Specialty Product Hardware, you can provide secure protection to your merchandise with our highly-rated Commercial Security Grille products. Commercial Security Grilles & Window Protections are widely specified for use within enclosed retails and public environments. For instance: retail malls, airport terminals, superstores, in-store concession, counter top & bar, bank lobbies & ATM areas, kiosks railway stations, ferries, ports marinas, museums, schools, and public buildings. In fact wherever people and space need to be separated by a simple, secure screen system consider North America’s Leading Security Grilles & Window Protection Products at Specialty Product Hardware.

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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd (SPH) provides a complete line of Security Grilles, Security Folding Closures, Rolling Closures for Restaurants, Office, Retail, and Hospitality Spaces throughout Canada. Side folding security grilles and partitions are effective barriers that deliver a range of benefits. These products are highly customizable and suited for spaces with large widths and a range of ceiling heights to meet the demands of your space.

Applications include, and are not limited to, shopping malls, convention centers, schools, logistics and warehousing and retail projects. Ask our knowledgeable product experts at Specialty Product Hardware Ltd., to help you find the best rolling, sliding or bi-folding security grille for your business. Standard offerings can be customized to your unique project requirements.

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Specialty Product Hardware’s Commercial Side-Folding, Bi-Folding  and Rolling Security Grilles are well-known in the Canadian industry for their excellent design and high quality product engineering, providing years of durable protection for commercial, institutional and industrial businesses across Ontario. 

Commercial Security Grille Products in Toronto / GTA

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Commercial & Retail Security Grilles and Commercial Window protection

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Security Grilles for Retail, Offices, REstaurants and Institutional Buildings

Rolling Security Grilles

The attractive and durable aluminum / Metal Rolling Security Closures from SPH protects against theft and keeps out debris while allowing full view of what’s inside. Unlike competitors’ Rolling Security grilles, the unique design uses transparent polycarbonate inserts. The innovative see-through rolling closure is an excellent solution for locations requiring security and visual appeal, like high-end stores. 

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Toronto Security Products

Available Security Grille Product Styles

Rolling Security Closures & Counter Shutters

In addition to providing commercial Security Grilles products to General Contractors and Architects, Specialty Product Hardware, provides supply and installation of folding security shutters. We take pride in our ability to develop and install commercial & retail security grille products that fits the unique design of a customer friendly workplace and retail space.

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Perforated Security

Toronto Security Grille Suppliers

Roll-Vision Polycarbonate Security Grille

Opaque Security

Toronto Security Grilles

Open, Brick Style Security Grille

Open, Straight Security Grille

Toronto Security Grille Suppliers

Openstyle Security Grille

Toronto Commercial Security Grilles

Openstyle Security Grille

SPH Security Grilles in Toronto, ON

Openstyle Security Grille

Toronto Security Grilles

COUNTER SHUTTER (Opaque, with barrel)

Toronto Commercial Security Grilles

SLIM ROLL-VISION (Polycarbonate)

Specialty Product Hardware Security Grilles


(Opaque, no barrel)

Toronto Commercial Security Products

SLIM ROLL-FLEX Shutter (Open style, brick)

Toronto Security Shutters frm Retail businesses

(Open style, straight)

Toronto Security Grilles

Durable Folding Security Grilles for stores, Malls, and Shopping Centres

Folding Security Grilles

A side-folding commercial security grille creates a durable barrier between commercial and retail storefronts and public areas where stores are located. Installations are flexible and expandable, making grilles easy to manually open and close. More importantly, commercial security grilles don’t just strengthen security they improve piece of mind. Unlike heavy doors and shutters, a folding security grille can be customized to suit any storefront or kiosk architecture. Grills can be curved or even circular, dispensing with any need for corner supports and changes to physical store layouts.


Where a heavy-duty barrier might be required, polycarbonate panels used in security grilles are also more durable than tempered glass. This lowers maintenance costs, without compromising storefront visibility. Side folding grilles also feature durable but discrete locking mechanisms, which deter even the most determined criminals.

Available Folding Security Grille Product Styles

Folding Security Closures
& Shutters

In addition to providing commercial Security Grilles products to General Contractors and Architects, Specialty Product Hardware, provides supply and installation of rolling security shutters. We take pride in our ability to develop and install commercial & retail security grille products that fits the design of a customer friendly workplace and retail space.

(Tempered Glass)


(Perforated Steel)



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(Opaque Solid)

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Specialty Product Hardware Ltd. (SPH)

Commercial Security Grilles Styles

Side-Folding, Bifolding and Rolling Security Grille Products
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