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Moodwall P1 Glass Partition System

With Specialty Product Hardware, you can perfect the overall impression of any room’s architecture. Demountable & Fixed Glass Partitions offer you profiles, fittings, and locking systems designed to complement each other, with framed or frameless options for a uniform look.

Demountable Glass Wall Solutions for Clarity and Reliability

Yes, the Moodwall P1 System is built to last. But none of this matters if you don't have a fantastic team. Our partition specialists engage with you to discover the appropriate blend of function and aesthetics, and then we see it through with easy installation.

Commercial Glass Office Partitions in a nely renovated office in Canada
Moveable & Demountable Glass Office Partitions in Toronto / GTA

Why the Moodwall P1 Demountable Glass Wall System?

Are you looking for a clean and simple workplace separation?

Demountable glass partitions, such as the Moodwall P1 system, are exactly what you need. Allow your room to breathe. Moodwall P1 is a demountable glass wall partition system that maximizes clarity and transparency in the modern office. It is a straightforward architectural glass wall system designed for use in today’s workplace.

Demountable design

moodwall evolves with you. Our demountable barriers adapt to the changing needs of your workstations. We understand that nothing is permanent, therefore we make it simple to adjust your wall systems to meet changing demands.

Smart features

Technology that is seamless for the future that you need right now. Electric strikes, mag locks, card readers, soft open and soft shut sliding doors, and other devices are all compatible with the moodwall P1.

Strong Acoustics

Silence the noise. moodwall P1 boosts productivity in private settings and closed workplaces. The panel composition offers cutting-edge acoustic qualities that assure minimum disruptions.

Minimalist design

Less is more these days. With its subtle aesthetic, the Moodwall P1 wall system lends itself to a variety of design concepts. The simplicity of moodwall P1 is designed to spotlight and enhance the inherent beauty of any surroundings.

Why Specialty Product Hardware?

For the contemporary office environment, we offer a wide variety of wall options...

At Specialty Product Hardware, we have everything you need, from consultation and supply to installation, to help make your next project as streamlined as possible. Each of the glass demountable partition systems and glass architectural walls may be integrated with other systems in order to improve workstations in both aesthetic and practical terms.

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Trusted expertise

SPH's team has extensive knowledge in the commercial glass wall market and will assist you in locating the ideal product. Demountable glass partitions grow with you.

Product design

Our demountable glass walls adapt to the changing needs of your workplace. Because nothing is permanent, we make it easy to adapt your glass wall systems to changing needs.

An in-depth look

Better Define your Space with Moodwall P1 Partition System

The Moodwall P1 Glass Partition System design is, indeed, durable. But none of this would be possible without a fantastic and knowledgeable crew. Our professionals consult with you to discover the appropriate blend of function and beauty, and then we see it through with easy installation services.

Commercial Glass and Glazed Partition Systems in Toronto

Product Features

Moodwall P1 partition System Specifications

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  • moodwall aluminum extrusions in clear anodized, colored anodized or powder coated paint finishes
  • P1 floor channel 1” high by 2 ¼” wide
  • P1 ceiling channel 2 ⅜” high by 2 ¼” wide
  • P1 & adjustment gasket floor channel 1 ¼” high by 2 ¼” wide (compressed)

Door Options

  • Swing and sliding doors
  • Frameless glass slab
  • Framed double glazed aluminum
  • Framed single glazed aluminum
  • Solid and hollow core wood doors


  • ⅜” (10mm) or ½” (12mm) with choice of : tempered, laminated, low iron, tempered and laminated, Polycarbonate or butted glass joint

Premium Options

  • SERE mortise lock for glass slab door
  • KERE 60” locking ladder pull with SFIC 7-pin interchangeable core
  • Hydraulic hinge with soft close and hold open option

Acoustic Specifications

  • STC ratings range from 27 to 35 depending on chosen glass type
  • Extruded vinyl connections and perimeter bulb seals provide seamless connections with drywall

Trusted by 500+ Architects, General Contractors and organizations of all sizes.

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