Emergency Fixtures

Wall-Mount and Pedestal-Mount Eyewash Stations


Halo Eyewash and Eye/Facewash

All the groundbreaking features of Halo now offered in stainless steel to withstand harsh, chemical environments. The stainless steel sprayhead is electro-polished to provide an extra layer of corrosion-resistant protection. A variety of standard models are available including pedestal, wall mount and combination units. And when even greater corrosive protection is needed, a heavy-duty 316-stainless steel combination unit is available.

In an emergency, your eyes and face can’t trust anything but the best in the industry. The Halo eye and eye/face wash provides the best washdown coverage on the market.

Classic Eyewash Stations

Emergency eye wash stations can be one of the most important things you implement on a job site. They are easy to forget about, and a lot of times workers don’t necessarily consider them that important. However, once an emergency strikes and someone has damaging materials or substances in their eyes, eye wash stations become the most important part of the entire job site and the affected individual’s vision. 


Laboratory Fixtures

Safety fixtures to any kind of laboratories and medical / dental clinics

Drench Showers and Combination Units

Enclosed Safety Shower and Safety Skid Systems


Portable Eyewash Stations